Coming Soon: Chinese Sci-Fi Movie Starring Dwight Howard And Carmelo Anthony (Video)

dwight howard carmelo anthony star in chinese sci-fi movieHow much would you pay to watch an amazing Chinese virtual reality sci-fi movie starring Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony that is basically just a feature-length commercial for the NBA? Twenty-five bucks? Fifty bucks?

Well, start saving, because this long-awaited Chinese NBA film is finally going to happen.

You may (but probably don’t) recall that the NBA and Chinese movie company Shanghai Film Group (SFG) announced back in August of 2010 that they were teaming up to produce what they were calling “the first NBA-themed motion picture outside of North America.” The film was to be titled Amazing, and would star the aforementioned NBA superstars.

But after the initial announcement, the project didn’t really move forward. The supposed release date came and went last summer without a peep from the NBA or SFG, and everyone just assumed there would never be an Amazing.

Then, all of a sudden, word came out that the project was back on. And not only back on, but bigger and better than ever. Now, in addition to Howard and Anthony, the film will feature Scottie Pippen and Magic Johnson.

So what is this movie going to be like? According to Li Anlan of Shanghai Daily, it’s going to be spectacular:

“‘Amazing,’ a production by the Shanghai Film Group, tells the story of a fictional world known as “The Sixth Sense.” It uses basketball imagery to combine the visual elements of a video game with a movie, akin to the 2010 American science fiction film ‘Tron: Legacy.'”

Similarly, a Chinese movie rating site reports that it will center around a video game tester named Huang Xiaoming, who tests a “virtual reality basketball game” and discovers “the truth of life in basketball.”

In other words, as one person with knowledge of the film put it, “it’s like Chinese ‘Space Jam,’ but for adults.”

Awesome, right? Well, here’s the trailer:

My only question is, how is Jeremy Lin not in this movie?

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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