Check Out This Awesome Spoof Of LeBron James’s Lost Home Movies (Video)

lebron james home moviesRemember when most sports fans liked LeBron James? Think hard. You’ll probably have to go all the way back to the spring of 2010, when he was just this really good basketball player with almost unprecedented athleticism who crashed into the NBA right out of high school and led his hapless hometown basketball team to the cusp of greatness.

But then he went and announced his free-agency departure from Cleveland on a live television show called “The Decision”—not a decision, not my decision, but the decision—and all that changed. All of a sudden, LeBron went from being this superstar everyone rooted for to this ridiculously cocky guy who, nevertheless, was so insecure about his ability to succeed on the court that he had to surround himself with other superstars to win.

Now we all like to make fun of him at every possible opportunity. And it’s easy, because he’s painted a huge, inflated target on himself.

And that brings us to this freaking hilarious video made by It’s a spoof of what LeBron James’ home movies might be like, and it hits on just about everything—the ego, the tendency to wilt under the spotlight, the cockiness. Hell, even the “Good job! Good effort!” kid makes an appearance. The only thing missing is the famous chalk toss, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, check out this 90 seconds of awesomeness.  you won’t be disappointed:

I don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves if LeBron and the Heat actually win it all this year.

Hat Tip – [Jest]

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