L.A. Kings Party With The Stanley Cup In Vegas (Video & Pics)

LA-Kings-at-booth-Hyde-Bellagio-Las-VegasAny hockey team that wins the Stanley Cup is going to do their fair share of partying. But when the championship team you play for is called the Kings, well, people are going to expect you to take the celebration up to another, more regal level.

Thankfully, the boys from Los Angeles are turning out to be more than capable of living up to this royal challenge.

Over the weekend, with the NHL Awards coming up on Wednesday night, the fellas took their show on the road and partied their way to Las Vegas, where they were given the royal treatment at the Bellagio’s new primo nightclub, Hyde.

When the players arrived at Hyde with their official VIP ticket in tow (the Stanley Cup, of course), they were welcomed by cocktail waitresses dressed in Kings gear carrying giant letters spelling out (obviously) K-I-N-G-S.

Here’s a video taken by a patron when the Kings arrived:

And here’s a photo:


The Kings were then escorted through the club to a private booth while “Eye of the Tiger” played on the sound system. Once there, they lit some cigars and took a few swigs of beer from the Holy Grail before being presented with a giant Stanley Cup cake.

Here’s some video of said beer-drinking, courtesy of Hyde:

And of course, here’s that Stanley Cup-shaped cake, which forward Mike Richards was kind enough to tweet:

stanley cup cake

All in all, it looks like the guys and the Cup had a pretty good time. Unfortunately, while the players can do whatever they want now that the season is over, the Stanley Cup has a strict 1AM curfew. It seems the handlers want to make sure it’s in good shape for tomorrow’s awards ceremony.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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