Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Gets The Taiwanese Animation Spin By NMA (Video)

taiwanese animation does roger clemens nmaYesterday, Roger Clemens was acquitted on charges of lying to Congress and obstructing their investigation into whether or not he took performance enhancing drugs to extend his storied career. The acquittal put an end to a 10-week trial and a 5-year investigation, so obviously Clemens was a little emotional as he addressed the media afterward.

Now, this doesn’t mean the former pitcher didn’t take performance enhancing drugs. It just means that some witnesses backed off their earlier testimony, and a bunch of reportedly bumbling Federal prosecutors couldn’t prove he took them. A lot of people, using basic common sense and observation skills, probably still think Clemens took PEDs.

In any case, as with every scandal these days, the whole Clemens saga was recently given the CGI animation treatment by Taiwanese studio Next Media Animation. And, as per usual, the animated account of the Clemens doping controversy is both informative and hilarious.

Here it is:

Personally, my favorite part is when the animated Roger Clemens is harassed by the giant floating asterisk. I’m sure a number of baseball’s great steroids cheaters have had recurring nightmares that involved that very same floating asterisk.

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