14 Celebrities With Amazing Workout Videos

Hey, remember VCRs? They may seem like primitive technology now, but when they were first made available to consumers for home use in the mid-1970s, these things changed the world. Suddenly people didn’t have to watch TV shows when the networks wanted them to. And not only that, but people could finally see they’re favorite movies again. Before VCRs, if you wanted to watch the Godfather again, your only hope was that some network might play it after the news on some random Saturday night. So yeah, the ability to record and watch programs at home was a big deal.

This ability also impacted the fitness business in a way people wouldn’t have imagined. Before the 1980s, “working out” was an activity limited to fitness nuts and athletes. It wasn’t something the average stay-at-home mom did. But then the VCR came along, and some genius had a brilliant realization: women want to look like celebrities and would probably be willing to spend a lot of money to make their dreams a reality.

So pretty soon all kinds of celebrities were making their own home workout videos promising women (and occasionally men) that they’d look just like them if they followed a few simple steps.

Of course, the tradition of celebrity workout videos continues to this day. In fact, practically every hot woman who ever had 15 minutes of fame has a workout video. And today, we celebrate this awesomely hilarious videos. So sit back, and get ready to burn some calories…laughing.