Bryce Harper’s New Walk-Up Song Is Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” (Video)

bryce harper batting music justin bieber boyfriendChoosing the right walk-up song is as important to the sport of baseball as batting practice. Well, okay, it probably isn’t, but it is in some ways an interesting glimpse into a player’s personality. That might be the case with Washington Nationals wunderkind Bryce Harper, who recently changed his walk-up song to “Boyfriend” by fellow teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

As you can see (and hear) in the video below, the choice was met with a couple of surprised screams from the teen females in attendance, followed mostly by indifferent chatter on the part of everyone else. Maybe they’re not yet familiar with Bieber’s new hit song? Or perhaps they’re just saving their emotional outbursts for the ride home? Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know.

Here’s the video:

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