Chris Bosh Was Super Excited About Grabbing A Loose Ball Last Night (GIF & Video)

chris bosh celebrating loose ballPoor Chris Bosh. The guy was already considered the least important member of Miami’s “Big 3.” But this year he had to sit on the sidelines for most of his team’s run to the NBA Finals, where all he could do was make weird faces.

Talk about feeling irrelevant. We can’t even write a post about him without mentioning Dwyane Wade or LeBron James (Look! We just did it again!).

However, for these 2012 NBA Finals, Bosh is healthy again and right back in all the action. So obviously, he’s pretty pumped.

How pumped? This pumped:

chris both celebrating loose ball

This was Chris Bosh during Miami’s Game 4 victory over the Thunder Tuesday night in Miami. But he wasn’t celebrating a big tomahawk dunk, a huge block on Kevin Durant, or anything like that. He was just really, really excited that he…got to a loose ball.

Seriously. This is Chris Bosh celebrating the fact that he beat Serge Ibaka to a loose ball and drew a foul. Here’s the whole play:

Obviously, that’s an awful lot of stomping, fist-pumping, and spitting just for picking up a loose ball. But when you’ve been sitting around on the sidelines as much as Bosh has, I guess you’re just super happy to contribute in any way you can.

So you go, Chris Bosh. Celebrate those loose ball victories like nobody is watching.

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