Drunk Irish Fan Cheered On As He Struggles To Find The Porta-Potty At Euro 2012 (Video)

drunk irish fan porta-potty euro 2012Drunk fans at the 2012 European Football Championships is certainly nothing new.

We have already witnessed the Ukrainians, Poles and Croats take part in acts of public drunkenness, and it should come as no surprise to see the Irish join in on the drunken festivities.

After losing all three of their Group Stage matches and making an early exit from the tournament, this footy fan from Ireland was probably trying to drown away his sorrows with several pints of Poland’s finest brew.  And while those twenty-something beers were probably enough to erase any pain he suffered from his country’s disappointing performance, they were also enough to erase all of the necessary motor skills one must possess in order to successfully locate and enter a porta-potty that is only approximately 10 meters in front of them.

Luckily for him, he had some fans nearby cheering him on during his pursuit of urinary relief.

Check it out.

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