The Miami Heat Have Their Own ‘Cigar Guy’ (Pic)

Back in October of 2010, a 30-year-old London investment analyst named Rupesh Shingadia inadvertently became an international phenomenon when he was photographed standing behind Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup while wearing a goofy red wig and fake moustache while chomping on a huge cigar.

original cigar guy

He was quickly dubbed “Cigar Guy” by the good folks running the internets, and he became one of our most beloved and versatile memes. Before you knew it, he was popping up just about everywhere.

cigar guy

Of course, it’s now been a while since Cigar Guy was a thing. So why are we brining him up again?

Because last night, during Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena in Miami, this rather unimpressed gentleman was spotted in the crowd:

miami heat cigar guy

That’s one cool-looking dude, right? But this photo wasn’t a one-off thing. This guy didn’t just happen to be wearing his shade inside and chomping on a giant cigar at that moment last night. He’s apparently a season ticket holder, and he’s apparently always wearing those shade and chomping on a giant cigar.

Evidence? This photo uploaded to the web back in January:

miami heat cigar guy 2

So yes, it would seem the world has a new Cigar Guy. But just so we don’t get confused, we’ll call this dude “Cigar Guy South Beach” and we’ll call the original dude “Cigar Guy Classic.”

Hat Tip – [30fps]

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