Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Quotes Bryce Harper At Press Conference (Video)

senate majority leader harry reid clown questionHow you can tell the Washington Nationals are in first place? When a politician makes a joking reference regarding one of their players—and everyone around him actually laughs.

Up until this season, even if by some chance a guy did think about making some kind of Nats reference, he would have to keep it to himself because no one would get it. But these days, with D.C.’s baseball team at the top of the standings heading into the last week of June, and with big stars like Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper creating tons of buzz around Major League Baseball, even a boring guy like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can get a big laugh by referencing the Beltway Bombers.

What reference did the Senator make? Obviously, it was Bryce Harper’s snarky response to a reporter last week in Toronto. In case you missed it, some guy from The Score asked if the 19-year-old Harper planned to have a beer to celebrate a big game, since the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. But Harper, a Mormon from Las Vegas who thus “cannot” drink, gave the now-famous “clown question” retort.

So at a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday, a reporter asked Reid, who is also a Mormon from Las Vegas, what he thought about some comment Senator Mitch McConnell made about President Obama’s DREAM Act. And how did Reid respond?

See for yourself:

That’s classic.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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