Watch This Cavaliers Fan React To LeBron Winning A Championship Ring With Miami (Video)

cleveland fan upset that lebron won a ringWhen LeBron James decided to break up with his hometown Cavaliers on live national television back in 2010, the fans in Cleveland reacted with unadulterated venomous rage—and that’s putting it mildly.

There were public jersey burnings and scores of YouTube rants filled with nasty invectives. Hell, the Cavs owner even published an open letter to LeBron on the team’s website, which basically said “F**k you, LeBron” in Comic Sans font.

When LeBron returned to Cleveland to play against his former team, the fans booed like they’ve never booed before. And when LeBron and the Heat wilted under pressure during last year’s Finals against the Mavs, Cleveland celebrated like they had won the championship — or, at least, they celebrated like they imagine people do when their team wins a championship.  You see, Cleveland doesn’t really know a lot about that kind of thing.

Thus, you knew when LeBron finally got that championship ring—and yes, we all knew he would—there would be a little blowback from the shores of Lake Erie. And you know what? It’s even sadder and more pathetic than we imagined.

Here. Watch this:

Now, it’s quite possible that this guy is just joking around. In fact, that seems likely (or else he’s a huge loser with some really mean friends). But it’s still unfortunate, because he still looks like a jackass. And, as with all jokes, there’s always a hint of the truth behind it.

Besides, even if this guy is joking, there was probably someone else out there who wasn’t (hence the joke).

So come on, Cleveland. Yes, it should have been you. But keep your collective chin up.  There’s always next year…or next decade.

Hat Tip – [Outside the Boxscore]

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