Chad Ochocinco Says He Has “Brokeback Mountain Type Relationship” With New Dolphins Teammates (Video)

ochocinco press conference brokeback mountainYou might have thought Chad Ochocinco was all done when the New England Patriots released the former All-Pro receiver on June 7. But Ochocinco (née Johnson) thinks he still has a little gas left in the tank, so just a few days later, on June 11, he signed a deal with one of the teams Peyton Manning took a pass on back in March: the Miami Dolphins.

And so far, after just a few practices with the Phins at their training camp in Davie, Florida, Ochocinco is showing that he may be correct in more ways than one. For not only has he been sharp on the field, impressing both teammates and coaches, but he’s also been sharp in the press scrum.

Though Ochocinco has only spoken to the media for a grand total of 1 minute and 45 seconds, he’s already given the sports world one of the greatest quotes we’ve had in years—and with a straight face, no less.

Here, watch for yourself (listen closely at the 0:17 mark):

Yeah, you heard him. According to Chad Ochocinco, he and his Dolphins teammates are already developing a “Brokeback Mountain type relationship.”

Now, in case you live under a rock, Brokeback Mountain is the 2005 film starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal that tells the story of two closeted gay cowboys who carry on a secret love affair.

So, yeah, it seems that Ochicinco was insinuating that he and his teammates are having gay cowboy sex.


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