Cleveland Weatherman Can’t Deal With LeBron James Winning A Championship (Video)

cleveland weatherman pissed lebron won championshipIn case you were wondering, yes, the people of Cleveland are still very upset with LeBron James. In fact, I’d say that hating LeBron is actually a bigger pastime than rooting for the Cavaliers.  And it’s definitely more popular than rooting for the Browns.

Now, some people might say Cleveland sports fans just need to let it go. And yeah, they really do. But I understand their situation. We’re talking about a city that has not won a professional sports championship of any kind since 1964—and that team, the Browns, was mercilessly taken away from the city by Art Modell, only to be replaced by a much crappier version three years later.

Then a hometown basketball phenom named LeBron James came along. He was one of the most gifted athletes in the history of the game, and he was selected in the NBA draft by the Cavaliers. Finally, there would be an end to Cleveland’s losing. But suddenly, during the summer of 2010, that hometown kid—who meant everything to Cleveland sports fans—decided to take his talents to South Beach.

So, like I said, for their own sake, Clevelanders should get over LeBron. But I understand why they can’t. And, moreover, in a weird way, I’m kind of glad they can’t. For one, it’s good that LeBron will always be haunted by his stupidity in the summer of 2010. Maybe it’ll make him a better man.

For another thing, if the people of Cleveland could let it go, we wouldn’t have hilarious clips like the one your about to see. It features Cleveland weatherman Mark Johnson trying to get through a weather report without expressing his disgust that LeBron won his precious ring…and he fails miserably.

Check it out:

That, my friends, is CLASSIC.

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