This Mario Balotelli Bingo Game Looks Interesting

If you’re anything like myself, you’ll be able to sit in front of the television and watch Sunday’s European Football Championship quarterfinal match between Italy and England for no reason other than the possibility of getting to watch two world class clubs demonstrate how “the beautiful game” should be played for 90 minutes.

But if you are not like me – and that seems to be the case for at least 90% of all Americans – you’ll need a much better reason to sit through a 90 minute soccer match that doesn’t involve David Beckham.

Well it is with pleasure that I inform you that you now have that “much better reason” you were looking for, thanks to this Mario Balotelli Bingo game, which was created by English newspaper, The Telegraph.

The rules are simple.  If the commentator says any of the comments listed on the card to describe the 21-year-old Italian striker, you get to cross it off.  Cross them all off, and you win.

Exactly what you win, I’m not sure.  I guess that’s a surprise.  Then again, isn’t everything a surprise when it comes to Balotelli?

Check it out:

mario balotelli bingo from the telegraph for england vs italy euro 2012


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