Rays Manager Joe Maddon Writes Message On Ball And Tosses It To D.C. Heckler (Video)

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The other day, Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher Joel Peralta got ejected from a game against the Washington Nationals before he even threw a pitch when the umpires discovered he had smeared pine tar on his glove.

Afterward, Rays manager Joe Maddon was pretty pissed off, but not at his pitcher. Instead, he was pissed off at Nationals manager Davey Johnson.

Why? Because everyone in baseball knows that a lot of pitchers will resort to using pine tar from time to time in order to get a better grip on the ball. Yeah, technically it’s cheating, but managers don’t stop their own players from doing it, so it’s considered bad form to call out other players for doing it (even former Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa took some heat from his hometown fans for not saying anything about a smudge on the hand of Detroit pitcher Kenny Rogers during the 2006 World Series).

More importantly, even if you don’t mind other managers calling out your players, this instance was especially bad form because the only reason Johnson knew Peralta was using pine tar was because Peralta used to pitch for Johnson and the Nationals. That means Johnson was fine with Peralta cheating for him, but he threw him under the bus when he went to another team. So it’s pretty hypocritical.

Anyway, Maddon made a big fuss about the situation, and one particularly loud-mouthed Nationals fan decided he’d heckle the crap out of the Rays’ manager on Thursday night.

But Maddon didn’t just sit there and take it. He wrote a message on a ball, smeared it with pine tar, and tossed it to the boisterous fan…like a boss.

Here’s a pic of the special souvenir. It reads “Stick up for those you care about!”

joe maddon pine tar ball

And here’s a video of Maddon discussing the incident after the game:

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