9 Athletes With Multiple Finals MVP Awards

When Lebron James was awarded his first Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP award last Thursday he must have felt like he had shaken a gorilla off his back. In fact, the first thing he said after winning was “It’s about damn time.” No other athlete has been scrutinized quite like James since entering the league nine seasons ago. Up until Thursday he had been known as a player with all of the talent in the world but who lacked the intestinal fortitude to show up in big moments. By being the best player on the floor en route to his first title, James solidified himself as the best player in the NBA. But before we place him amongst the all-time greats, let’s take a look at who’s ahead of him. Here is a list of nine of the greatest clutch performers in the history of team sports, all with multiple championship MVP awards to their credit. All the athletes here highly deserve to be on this list, but you’ll probably notice some glaring omissions such as Babe Ruth and Bill Russell. It’s not because they don’t belong, but because their playing careers predate the existence of their sport’s final round MVP awards. But enough with the disclaimers, let’s get started.

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