Check Out This Compilation Of Euro 2012 Bloopers (Video)

kissing soccer playersWell, the field at Euro 2012 has been whittled down to just four teams. On Wednesday, Portugal and Spain will fight for Iberian supremacy in one semifinal. Then on Thursday, Germany and Italy will square off in the other semifinal.

Thus far, this has been one of the more entertaining sporting events in years. No, not for the quality of play. That’s actually been a little lacking. Instead, it’s been memorable for all the stuff surrounding the play—the booze-fueled riots, the gorgeous women, the drunken misadventures, and so on. And we here at Total Pro Sports have had a blast covering all this nonsense.

But from here on out, things are going to get pretty serious. The teams and their fans will buckle down, and it’ll be all about the soccer for the next week.

So today, how about one last hurrah for the ridiculous?

Yes? Great. So check out this little compilation of some of Euro 2012’s best bloopers.

The highlights include:

– Ukrainian Bill Murray look-alike passed out drunk

– Swedish player juggling his chewing gum

– Racist Holland fans in black-face

– Germany coach Joachim Low being mean to a Bieber-wannabe ball boy


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