Pro Wrestling Legend George “The Animal” Steele Tells Fan At Autograph Session to Shut Up (Video)

george the animal steele tells fan to shut upIf you are under the age of 35, you probably won’t remember George “The Animal” Steele unless you’re a major pro wrestling buff. But during a career that spanned from the 1960s to the 1990s, “The Animal” was one of the most popular pro wrestlers around.

His greatest fame came in the mid-1980s. Despite being well into his 40s at the time, Steele managed to team up with Nikolai Volkoff and the always-entertaining Iron Sheik to form one of the greatest heel-trios of all time. Then, in 1999, the 60-year-old Steele came out of retirement to join “The Oddities” of the WWE, a stable of supposedly freakish wrestlers.

Anyway, today The Animal is 75 years old. But as fans found out on Saturday at the Frank & Sons Collectible Show in City of Industry, California, the old-timer still has some serious bark.

Steele was on hand to sign autographs for adoring fans with a number of other wrestling legends, including his old partners Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik, plus others like Wendi Richter, Kevin Nash, and Lex Luger. As “The Animal” was arriving at the autograph session, fans were obviously excited and shouting his name. But one of them was apparently too excited for even the The Animal’s liking.  So The Animal growled back.

Check it out. It’s awesome:

He may be 75 years old, but I still wouldn’t want to mess with George “The Animal” Steele.

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