Rangers Fan Does The Worm After Catching Nelson Cruz Home Run (Video)

rangers fan does worm after catching crus home run ballAbout two months ago, the MLB Game of the Week on Fox made it’s season debut. Then, about a month ago, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance kicked off it’s 9th season.

What’s the significance of this, you wonder? Well, apparently there’s one very confused Texas Rangers fan who is under the impression that the two shows are one in the same.

Thus, when said fan snagged a Nelson Cruz home run on Sunday in Arlington (using a glove, which is cheating), he immediately dropped down and started doing the worm at the base of the grassy hill beyond the center field fence.

Check it out:

I must say, the kid does a pretty good worm. Unfortunately, there were a few problems with his plan to get on to SYTYCD. For one thing, the game was on Fox Sports Southwest, not the main broadcast network. And for another thing, the SYTYCD auditions have been over for a while. They’re already on to the next round of the competition.

It’s an A for effort, though. This really was a first-rate fan celebration. In fact, I’d like to see some soccer players at Euro 2012 try this celebration out after scoring.

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