With Bryce Harper In Town, Denver Beer Company Is Selling “Clow Question Bro” Beer (Video)

clown question bro beer bryce harper colorado rockiesBryce Harper and the Washington Nationals will be in Denver for the next couple of days as they take part in a four-game series with the Colorado Rockies.  In an effort to welcome Bryce to their city, the Rockies weren’t asking what type of beer the 19-year-old phenom prefers.  They already saw what type of reaction that question gets after watching Bryce unleash the now-popular quote, “That’s a clown question Bro,” when he was asked what his celebratory beer of choice is during a recent trip to Toronto.

So as part of their effort to welcome Bryce to their city, the people at the Denver Beer Company decided to refrain from asking any questions.  Instead, they simply chose to expand Harper’s beverage options in hopes of providing him with something that satisfies his taste buds, as they introduced their all-new Canadian lager, named “Clown Question Bro” beer.

So did Bryce Harper have himself a pint of this new brew following the game?  That, my friends, is a “Clown Question Bro.”

Here is a look at the people of the Denver Beer Company talking about “Clown Question Bro” beer during last night’s game between the Rockies and the Nats.

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