Canadian Women’s Rugby Team Raises Money With A Nude Calendar (SFW Photos)

Going to the Olympics can be quite expensive for some athletes. So often athletic teams have to raise money, not just for the Olympics but also for the well-being of their respective sports, in general. After all, not all sports make the big bucks that professional baseball, football, or soccer leagues make. So athletes will often hold fundraisers, like selling merchandise, or chocolate bars, or what have you. But you know what tends to work the best? Nude calenders!

At least that’s what the Canadian women’s rugbyteam — who are currently training and preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics, when rugby is set to be reintroduced to the games — have found. Since 2004, they’ve been selling calenders featuring (tasteful) nude photos of members of the team, and they’re doing it again, this time with the introduction of a 16-month 2012-13 calendar to raise funds for the team.

If calenders and naked women are your thing, you’ll love the Canadian National Women’s team’s 2012-13 nude calender.  We’ve provided you with a sneak peak below.  And if you feel guilty looking at these gorgeous naked female athletes behind the back of your wife or significant other, just remember, IT’S FOR CHARITY!

Canadian Women's Rugby Team nude calender

Canadian Women's Rugby Team nude calender

Canadian Women's Rugby Team nude calender

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