English Soccer Fans Tear Down A Tree In Kiev Before Euro 2012 Quarter-Final Match (Video)

england fans break tree euro 2012Thanks to a history of hooliganism, English soccer fans aren’t exactly known for being a peaceful, well-behaved bunch.  And that somewhat tarnished reputation took another hit during the 2012 UEFA European Football Championships.

It all went down before England’s quarter-final match against Italy, as a massive group of English fans decided to bring down a tree in the center of Kiev, before eventually going after another tree. It was then that security finally intervened, leading to a brief confrontation between them and the English fans.

Unfortunately for the English supporters, these pregame antics would be all the celebrating they would get to do on Sunday, as their team was defeated by Italy in penalty kicks.

Anyway, check out the video below to see the whole incident for yourself. It may be a little long, at more than seven minutes, but it will be well worth your time if you enjoy watching bad drunken behavior at important sporting events. And seriously, who doesn’t enjoy watching that?

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