Not-So-Classy Female Yankees Fan Gets Ejected From Citi Field (Video)

angry female yankees fan ejected from citi fieldBaseball games are a great example of the social contract. Thousands of people show up to watch a ball game, and they all behave properly as part of an unspoken agreement that they engage in with the stadium and its workers. But not everybody is always on board with this agreement.

Take the female Yankees fan in the video below, for example.  During a recent game between the Mets and the Yankees at Citi Field, she apparently violated that so-called “unspoken agreement,” resulting in her ejection from the building. The video doesn’t provide much context, but apparently there was a fight before security was called, and as you can see, the woman doesn’t exactly leave the game in a peaceful manner.

Also of interest – at the moment this article was posted, this video had less than 50 views on YouTube (39, to be exact).  So if you watch soon, it’ll almost be like you’re getting an exclusive scoop. And they say journalism is dead!

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