Yankees’ Dewayne Wise Doesn’t Make The Catch, Tricks Umpire Into Thinking He Did Make The Catch (Video)

dewayne wise hidden ballThe art of deception can be quite the powerful tool, both in sports, and in life.  No one knows that better than New York Yankees left-fielder Dewayne Wise, as he seems to have mastered the art of deception, and he put it to good use during the seventh inning of last night’s game against the Cleveland Indians.

With a runner on third, two outs and the Yankees owning a 4-0 lead, Indians batter Jack Hannahan hit a foul ball into the first row along the left field stands.  Wise made a valiant effort on the play, leaping over the wall in an attempt to make the catch, but when he emerged from the stands with an empty glove, we were led to believe that his effort was all for not…

…Or was it?

Despite replays showing Wise clearly dropping the ball, which eventually rolled to a lucky fan who proceeded to pick it up off the floor and hold it in the air, the Yanks’ outfielder played it off as though he did make the catch, and that was enough to fool umpire Mike DiMuro into calling Hannahan out on the play.

DiMuro may have been easily fooled, but Hannahan has seen way too many David Copperfield shows to fall for the old hidden ball trick, as he argued with DiMuro, claiming that Wise didn’t even have the ball.  Unfortunately, his argument would fall on deaf ears, as the out stood and Hannahan was eventually ejected from the game.

So the “human element” in baseball strikes again.  Unfortunately, this is one instance in the game of baseball where three strikes doesn’t equal an out.  And by “out,” we mean “out with the umpires and the human element,” of course.

Check it out.

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