Did France’s Jeremy Menez Try To Hit Sexy Spanish Reporter Sara Carbonero With A Soccer Ball? (Video)

jeremy menez kicks ball at sara carboneroIt seems as though there haven’t been enough instances of bad behavior from fans at the Euro 2012 over the past week, so now people are stretching to find some bad behavior from the players in instances where it may be a bit ambiguous.

It happened last week when the Swedish National team were caught on camera playing a game of “Butts Up,” and it is happening once again, as footage was recently uploaded to YouTube that shows French footballer Jeremy Menez kicking a ball in the direction of sexy Spanish TV reporter (and girlfriend of Spanish keeper Iker Casillas) Sara Carbonero prior to Saturday’s quarterfinal between Spain and France.

In my opinion, it doesn’t appear as though Menez does it on purpose. It’s not easy to tell, but it looks more like a miss-hit on the ball, rather than an intentional shot at the reporter.  You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Alternative theory: Maybe he was trying to hit the camera guy? …Success!

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