Italy’s Mario Balotelli Prepars For Euro Semi-Final By Getting His Ears Flicked (Video)

mario balotelli ear flickPractically every soccer team at every level across the world plays “keep-ups,” or “kick-ups,” or whatever you choose to call it.  However, not all of them play by the same rules.  In Sweden, they refer to it as “Butts Up,” as the player responsible for allowing the ball to hit the ground is penalized by having to drop his pants and bend over while the rest of the players fire balls at his rear.

It appears as though Italy also has their own version of the game, and I’m simply going to assume that they call it “Ears Out,” as the losing party is forced to endure some painful ear flicking from his fellow teammates.

The Italians were taking part in a friendly game of “Ears Out” ahead of their UEFA European Football Championship semi-final contest against Germany, and judging by the video below, it appears as though striker Mario Balotelli was the big loser on this occasion.

Check it out.

Hat Tip to soccer junkie Ron Canada.


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