Look At Giants’ Old ‘Ball Dude’ George Zarzano Make A Great Catch (Video)

giants old ball dudeThe life of a “ball dude” can be pretty monotonous. Sure, there’s the excitement of being out there on the field with your favorite team, but I would imagine that after a while the responsibility of fielding foul balls would start to wear on you. However, that isn’t always the case.  For proof of that fact, look no further than San Fransisco Giants‘  senior ball dude George Zarzano, who kept his cool when confronted with a line drive from batter Elian Herrera, and made a terrific catch.

It’s beautiful! And he doesn’t even seem that surprised after it happens – he’s totally committed to his duties as a ball dude and keeps his cool even after making such a great catch. Sure, he’s a little old, and it doesn’t appear as though he has much mobility in his back, but somebody needs to think about signing this guy to play professionally.  I think he may still have a little left in the tank.

Check it out.

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