Check Out This Enthusiastic Traverse City Beach Bums Fan (Video)

Traverse City Beach Bums cheering fanIt seems as though at every baseball game, there’s at least one fan who gives the cheering portion of the program all he’s got. He doesn’t just stand up and cheer when his team gets a hit or scores a run.  He also provides a steady stream of encouragement in the form of various chants and diddies. This rule even extends to the Frontier League, where one Traverse City Beach Bums fan was putting his cheering abilities on display during a game against the Southern Illinois Miners.

As you can see, the guy is pretty creative (but also traditional) with his enthusiastic cheering. The kid who uploaded the video calls him “crazy” – I guess she just doesn’t go to many baseball games.  After all, she (we presume, judging by their YouTube name, JaclynVlogs) should know that it could be a lot worse.

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