BC Minor Hockey Coach Caught On Video Tripping 13-Year-Old Player In Handshake Line (Video)

minor hockey coach trips player in handshake lineOne of the reasons kids are encouraged to play sports is so that they can learn good sportsmanship, which is an important value that can last a lifetime if instilled properly at an early age. Unfortunately, not all coaches in youth sports are interested in teaching the ideals of “good sportsmanship.”

That certainly appears to be the case in the video below, as a Canadian minor hockey coach was caught tripping a 13-year-old player on the opposing team during post-game handshakes.

UBC Hornets coach Martin Tremblay is seen making his way through the handshake line, when suddenly he sticks out his leg and trips one of the opposing players. The young player has reportedly suffered minor injuries from his fall on the ice, and is even rumored to have broken his wrist. Authorities in Vancouver are investigating the incident and weighing whether or not Coach Tremblay will be charged with assault.

The results of my own investigation are as follows: Coach Tremblay is guilty of being an ass.  You can investigate for yourself by watching the video below.

Hat Tip – [Toronto Star]



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