Portugal’s Fabio Coentrao Gets Yellow Card For Grabbing Crotch (Video)

In soccer, there are several rules that players have to abide by: No touching the ball with your hands, no dangerous slide-tackling, and no grabbing your crotch. Portugal’s Fabio Coentrao learned this the hard way in a recent game after he broke the latter rule in a gesture towards the Spanish bench during their Euro 2012 semifinal battle on Wednesday. We don’t know exactly what provoked him to do that, but it appeared to be directed at Spain’s reserve keeper, Pepe Reina.

The move earned Coentrao one of the nine yellow cards issued during the game between Portugal and Spain. Incidentally, Spain went on to win the game, which probably didn’t make Fabio feel any better about the whole situation.

You can see video of the crotch grab seen ’round the world below – it’s pretty subtle actually, I missed it the first time. Luckily for dopes like me there’s a helpful slow-motion close-up of the move that clears up all doubts.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]



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