Hot Cheerleading Coach Accused Of Performing Sexual Act On 17-Year-Old Student (Video)

In news that will make you feel like you need either a hot or cold shower, yet another attractive blonde has been accused of having inappropriate relations with a minor student. This time it’s  Megan Crafton, a 22-year-old assistant cheerleading coach in Indiana (where, incidentally, the age of consent is 16 years old).

Crafton’s defense is that what she did wasn’t illegal, as she was not in a position of authority over the student. As her attorney put it, “She wasn’t his coach. She wasn’t his teacher. She wasn’t his teacher’s assistant.” But the police in Shelbyville, Indiana are pressing ahead with their charge that she illegally seduced the 17-year-old.

If convicted of the crime, she could face three years in prison – do prisons have cheerleading programs?

In case this story is still somehow unclear to you, why not check out Taiwanese Animated version below, which recaps everything in a helpful and not at all ridiculous fashion?

Here are some more images of Megan.

Megan Crafton 1

Megan Crafton 3

Hat Tip – [New York Daily News]


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