Bulgarian Sprinter Suffers Horrifying Broken Leg While Crossing The Finish Line (Video)

Georgi Kirilov Georgiev bulgarian sprinter broken legWell, here’s a story that’s simultaneously inspirational and stomach-turning.

Bulgarian sprinter Georgi Kirilov Georgiev was competing in a 100-meter dash at the European Championships in Helsinki when the unexpected reared its head. As you can see in the video below, Georgiev seemed to start out fine, before slowing to a crawl at about the halfway point.

Then, the really scary part happens. Georgiev continues at a moderate trot before his leg snaps at a horrifying angle. Seriously – don’t watch this video unless you want to see a leg-break that makes video of the famous Joe Theismann injury look like a Three Stooges short.

But, he manages to cross the finish line anyway, finishing last. Happy ending?

Probably not.  Check it out.

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