Crazy Fight Between Giants’ And A’s Fans (Video)

More awesome behavior from the world of baseball, this time completely removed from actual gameplay. It’s a fight between two groups of opposing baseball fans, but the video makes it look more like a poorly choreographed professional wrestling match.

According to whoever uploaded the video, this is what went down:

“A’s fan touches/pours beer on female Giants fan, male Giants fans in her group walk A’s fans outside and talk to them, fighting quickly breaks out.”

As you can see, the video pretty much only covers the “fighting quickly breaks out” part. And while it’s tough to see much of what’s actually going on, there is at least one choice moment for the highlight reel: A shirtless dude walking across the frame with a woman latched onto his back.

Friend? Foe? Tough to say. Funny, though.

Check it out:

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