Clinton Moore Takes Nasty Moto X Spill, Then Gets Attacked By His Bike (Video)

clinton moore runover by bikeThe old expression goes, “don’t kick a man while he’s down.” But at the X Games, everything is more extreme. So there you don’t have to worry about being kicked while you’re down. You have to worry about being run over by your own bike while you’re down.

Just ask Clinton Moore.

The Australian motocross athlete announced weeks ago that he would attempt the daring 720 at the Moto X Best Trick event at X Games 2012. This was a bold announcement, given that Travis Pastrana had already tried and failed to land a 720 at the X Games on two separate occasions—in 2009 and again in 2011—with the latter attempt resulting in a broken foot and ankle.

Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, Moore’s attempt to land the 720 trick on Friday in Los Angeles was not successful, as he lost control in the air and took a pretty hard fall.

But that wasn’t the end of it. As Moore was laying on the ground, an X Games official came out and tried to remove his still-running bike from the track. And that proved to be a very bad idea.

As soon as the guy stands the bike up, it takes off and runs right over Moore.

Check it out:

That’s what I call “adding insult to injury.”  But at least we all learned a valuable lesson: always turn a motocross bike off before trying to move it away from an injured rider.

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