Toomas Heikkinen Involved in Terrifying Crash at X Games RallyCross Event (Video)

rally crash at x gamesRally car racing is already a motorsport prone to spectacular crashes, what with all those little Hyundais and Ford Fiestas all jacked up and zipping around bumpy dirt race courses. But when you add 50-foot jumps into the equation, things can get downright ridiculous.

This past Friday in Los Angeles, during a practice run on the X Games RallyCross course, 21-year-old Finnish RallyCross driver Toomas Keikkinen learned this lesson first hand.

He was attempting to drive his Ford Fiesta over the metal bridge and across a 50-foot gap, but he didn’t build up enough speed. Thus, as his car was flying through the air, the car’s nose dipped down a bit and plowed right into the opposite bridge, head-on, before falling upside-down into the gap below.

As you might expect, the severe impact caused a fuel leak, and crews had to rush in to put the fire out. But miraculously, Keikkinen was able to crawl from the wreckage, and he “only” suffered a broken ankle and some abdominal injuries.

So, do you want to see this epic crash? Well here you go. It was caught on camera from numerous angles, and one YouTube user was nice enough to put together this compilation and set it to music. Enjoy.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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