Epic Quotes And Nasty Staredown Highlight Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva UFC 148 Press Conference

sonnen vs silva staredown ufc 148On Saturday, many of us will sit down and watch the sequel to one of the greatest UFC fights ever when Chael Sonnen gets a second chance at Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

There has been plenty of build-up leading up to the fight, thanks in large part to Chael Sonnen’s skillful trash-talking, and he put those trash-talking abilities on display once again during the UFC 148 press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, as he discussed everything, from the funeral of Silva’s career, to translating phone apps.

Check it out:

As you may have expected, Silva wasn’t happy with those comments from Sonnen.  As a matter of fact, he hasn’t been happy with anything he’s heard coming from the mouth of Sonnen since their epic five-round bout at UFC 117 in August 2010.

And all of that built-up anger resulted in this rather heated staredown at the conclusion of their press conference.

Sonnen has clearly won the war of words up to this point, but he’ll need more than his wits and a solid vocabulary to emerge from the Octagon on Saturday night with his head still on his shoulders and the UFC Middleweight belt around his waist.

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