15 Most Famous (or Infamous) Cases of Streaking in Sports

England has contributed a lot to the world of sports. They’ve given us soccer. They’ve given us rugby. They’ve given us (indirectly) American football. And they’ve given us tennis—or at least the modern version.

Oh, right, and they’ve given us sports streaking.

Yes, while streaking in North America was pretty much confined to college campuses and hippy drum circles, the Brits brought the 1970s fad into the world of sports, with the first known instance occurring at a rugby game in 1974. Since then, there have been hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of cases of people ditching their clothes and interrupting pro sports events.

Of course, not all of these were particularly memorable. I mean, after a while, watching a pasty white guy run naked across the field at a EPL game gets kind of boring. But some streakers have found ways to stand out from the naked pack. And it’s these memorable ones we’re looking at today.

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