Minor League Heckler Taunts Carl Crawford With “Overpaid” And Racist Chants (Videos)

carl crawford portland sea dogsIn December 2010, the Boston Red Sox signed free-agent Carl Crawford to a 7-year, $142-million contract.  During his first season in Beantown, Crawford failed to live up to expectations, hitting just .255 with 11 home runs, 56 RBIs and 18 stolen bases, while striking out 104 times in 506 at bats.

Dues to wrist and shoulder injuries, Crawford has yet to play a game for the Red Sox in 2012.  He is currently taking part in a rehab stint in the minors, where he has been playing with the Red Sox’s Double-A affiliate, the Portland Sea Dogs.  And during a recent trip to Manchester, New Hampshire to take on the Blue Jays’ Double-A affiliate, one loud, obnoxious fan was eager to remind Crawford about his large payday and subsequent struggles at the plate prior to every pitch of the outfielder’s at bat in the top of the fifth inning.

Check it out:

Not only was the “overpaid” chant annoying, but it was also ineffective, as Crawford proceeded to smack a triple into right field.  But that doesn’t mean that the heckler didn’t succeed in getting under the skin of Crawford.  In fact, he managed to do just that.  Although, it wasn’t his “overpaid” chant that did the trick.  Instead, it was a racial slur that he directed towards Crawford earlier in the game that really got the four-time MLB All-Star angry.

Crawford talked about the incident during a post-game interview:

Racial slurs and “overpaid” chants?  That’s all he could come up with?  Needless to say, this fan’s poor heckling game needs plenty of work if he’s ever going to take his big mouth to the Majors.

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