Chael Sonnen Gives Classic Interview With Dan Le Batard Before UFC 148 (Video)

chael sonnen DLHQ interviewNot many people are giving American Chael Sonnen much of a shot to defeat Brazil’s Anderson Silva in the marquee middleweight championship bout at UFC 148 this Saturday. Silva, after all, is considered the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world by every single sports publication that matters, while Sonnen is considered a trash-talker who could only hang with Silva at UFC 117 because he was on steroids.

But Sonnen hasn’t toned down his act heading into UFC 148. The dude is as cocky and full of sh*t as ever. So when he stopped by ESPN talk show DLHQ to chat with host Dan LeBatard and his dad, “Papi,” it was 8 minutes of television gold.

In addition to insulting all 192,000,000 Brazilians, Sonnen responds to LeBatard’s question about his alleged steroid abuse with 12 seconds of silence. Then, when LeBatard asks him about how he said he was going to “slap Silva’s wife on the ass and tell her to make him a steak medium rare,” Sonnen says it didn’t happen and that LeBatard is a liar.

Here’s the epic interview:

If Chael ever gets the boot from UFC, he could easily transition right to the WWE with these trash-talking skills.

In any case, Saturday’s main event should be one hell of a fun fight to watch.  And if Sonnen does pull off the upset, the post-fight interview may be even more enjoyable.

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