Guy Updating Facebook Status At Padres Game Gets Hit In Chest By Foul Ball (Video)

guy hit in chest by baseballHave you ever looked at the back of your ticket when you went to the baseball game? There’s usually a coupon or something, and then a legal disclaimer that basically says “pay attention, cause if you get hit in the head with a baseball it’s your own damn fault.”

Well, one unlucky San Diego Padres fan found out the hard way why they print those disclaimers on the tickets. Of course, he didn’t happen to read or heed the disclaimer himself. He was too busy checking Facebook.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning of Friday’s game between San Diego and Cincinnati, Padres center fielder Will Venable hit a long foul ball into the upper deck at the notoriously spacious Petco Park. Usually such plays result in one lucky fan getting a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir, but in this case it resulted in two. Whoever ended up catching the ball got one of them. Travis Decker, who was hit in right in the shoulder by the liner, got the other—that is, if you can call a nasty welt a souvenir.

So why didn’t Decker see the ball coming? Because he was updating his Facebook status.  Apparently, it was real important he let everybody know he was at the game.

Check it out:

At least Decker was a good sport about the whole thing, and used his misfortune to teach an important lesson to other fans:

Get off the f#@&ing iPhone and pay attention!

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