Thunder And Lightning Scare The Crap Out Of Rangers And Twins, Halt Game (Video)

lightning thunder interrupt rangers gameBaseball is a game full of sweet sounds. There’s the pop that a good fastball makes when it hits the catcher’s mit. There’s the sound of the umpire calling strike three. And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite—that beautiful crisp crack of the bat when a slugger really lays into one.

Not among the sounds you want to hear at the ballgame? Eddie Vedder singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame’; the sound of a man intentionally vomiting on you and your young daughter; or a crash of thunder so close that it sounds like the stadium is under attack.

Yesterday at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, during the top of the 4th in a game between the Rangers and Twins, fans and players alike were scared half-to-death when a bolt of lightning flashed right over the ballpark.  And not making matters any better was the fact that the lightning was followed immediately by an unbelievably loud clap of thunder.

You gotta watch it for yourself:

Obviously, play had to be suspended. After all, note the way the fans in the front row instinctively throw their hands over their heads to protect themselves.

Also note the way Rangers catcher Mike Napoli jumps up immediately when the lightning flashes and is the first one off the field. Who would have thought a guy who only throws out 19.4% of base stealers had such good reflexes?

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