Watch Adrian Peterson Get Arrested At A Houston Nightclub (Video)

adrian peterson mug shotIn the wee hours of the morning this past Saturday, Minnesota Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson was arrested at a club called Live at Bayou Place in Houston, Texas. He was charged with resisting arrest after police say he got into an altercation with an off-duty officer working security at the club.

So what went down? Well, that depends on who you believe.

According to Peterson, as the club was closing and the security guards were clearing everybody out, he went over to the bar to grab a quick drink of water. At that point, one of the security guards said or did something to Peterson, and that somehow led to Peterson getting punched in the face and arrested.

Peterson’s lawyer is Rusty Hardin, the same guy who just got Roger Clemens acquitted of perjury. As he explains:

“Adrian Peterson did not resist arrest this past Saturday morning and any suggestion that he pushed, struck or shoved a Houston Police officer is a total fabrication. He, in fact, was struck at least twice in the face for absolutely no legitimate reason, and when all the evidence is impartially reviewed, it will clearly show Adrian was the victim, not the aggressor.”

Of course, the Police and the manager of Live at the Bayou disagree.

According to the manager, Daniel Maher, Peterson is a frequent patron who usually does not drink very much. But on Friday night, Maher says Peterson drank quite a bit, and that his ego was flaring up and causing trouble all night.

And according to police, it was Peterson who initiated the confrontation at the end of the night when he pushed an off-duty cop trying to clear the club.

You can believe whoever you want. But I will say that I find it highly unlikely that a club would go out of it’s way to disparage a superstar athlete for no reason. So it seems likely that Peterson must have been at least a little unruly.

In any case, here’s a video some woman shot on her cell phone of Peterson being led away by the police:

Hat Tip – [TMZ & USA Today]

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