Kansas City Cop Makes Great Catch While Fan Falls On His Head At MLB Home Run Derby (Video)

police officer makes great catch at home run derbyIt’s always fun to sit in the bleachers at a baseball game. The fans out there aren’t necessarily paying close attention to every pitch, but they know how to have a good time (Pro tip: the secret is to drink a lot of beer).

But if you thought hanging in the bleachers for a regular season baseball game was fun, try hanging in the bleacher for the Home Run Derby. With 450 foot moon-shots flying out left and right, it’s total pandemonium. Last year in Arizona some dude almost fell over the fence going for a ball at the Derby, and last night’s competition at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium provided some fun highlights as well.

In fact, right now we’ve got a 2-for-1 special for you. In the following clip, first we see a cop make an awesome barehanded grab on a 457-foot bomb from the Angels’ Mark Trumbo.  Then we see a drunk dude fall out of the stands and land on his head.

Check it out:

See guys, that is how it’s done. You don’t need to bring your glove to the game like a little kid. You just catch it with your bare hands and shake the sting off, like Officer Awesome did…

…And if you’re not going to make the catch, at least try not to embarrass yourself.

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