Some Angry Fans Busted Out Their Best Kung Fu Moves During Brawl At Home Run Derby Monday Night (Video)

fan brawl at 2012 home run derbySince there is actually something at steak in the MLB All-Star Game (namely, home-field advantage in the World Series), you can understand how fans might take it pretty seriously and, upon consuming a few too many beers, get a little worked up.

But the Home Run Derby? That’s just a fun, meaningless exhibition. People wouldn’t get into a brawl at that, would they?

Oh yeah they would.

On Monday night at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, as Prince Fielder was closing in on his second Home Run Derby title, a nasty brawl broke out in the upper deck. According to the person who posted the video on YouTube, two (presumably intoxicated) Royals fans jumped a third Royals fan and, after exhausting all their energy, were apprehended by cops and escorted to their awaiting jail cells.

Check it out:

Now, I don’t know what sparked the altercation, but if I had to guess I’d say maybe the guy who got jumped was an unabashed Robinson Cano fan. Because we know how much Royals fans despise Cano after he didn’t select their own Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby.

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