Check Out Suspended Saints Coach Sean Payton Grinding Up On A Hot Blonde At A Night Club (Video)

sean payton partying at nigh club in bahamasIt’s been a tough year for Sean Payton.

First the NFL coach’s New Orleans Saints got booted from the NFC Divisional Playoffs (i.e., the 2nd round) by the upstart San Francisco 49ers. Then the guy got suspended for the entire 2012 NFL Season due to his role in the Saints bounty scandal. Now, apparently, his marriage of 20 years is in shambles, and he’s filed for divorce.

But if you’re worried that old Sean is lonely and depressed, don’t be. Judging by the video clip you’re about the watch, he’s getting by alright.

TMZ recently spotted the disgraced coach partying pretty hard at the nightclub at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. First we see Payton getting jiggly with it all by himself out on the dance floor. Then we see him cozy up next to some hot blonde chick for a little bump and grind, before the two disappear into the crowd.

Check it out:

So Payton obviously isn’t sitting around and sulking about his suspension. In fact, it looks like he’s actually enjoying his unplanned vacay.

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