New Commercial Features Tom Brady Luring Kids Into His SUV With Free Candy (Video)

tom brady candy commercialSo apparently Tom Brady is eying a career in Hollywood when he’s all done with football. Or that’s my theory, at least.

You see, the 34-year-old Patriots QB keeps appearing in videos that require a lot of acting. It’s like the guy is auditioning for something.

First there was that Funny or Die parody, where Brady goes to a Dick’s Sporting Goods looking to buy some Under Armor golf shirts, but nobody recognizes him, and he ends up knocking a store clerk to the ground.

Now there’s this new commercial for Unreal Candy.

What is Unreal Candy, you ask? Basically, it’s junk food for hippies. This company has recreated America’s most popular candies—M&Ms, Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—using only “all natural” ingredients that are “responsibly sourced.” So, you know, it’s not healthy, but it is less unhealthy.

Believing that this is some less unhealthy candy that he can put his name behind, Brady recently made a guerrilla-style mocumentary commercial for Unreal Candy in which he has staring contests with CVS Pharmacy customers, invites children into his Lexus for free treats, and, subsequently, gets arrested.

Check it out:

So what’s the verdict? Does the Patriots’ quarterback have a future in acting?  Or should he stick to the gridiron?

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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