Bench-Clearing Brawl From The Women’s Football Alliance (Video)

women's football alliance bench-clearing brawlGirls will be girls, I guess.  And in this case, “girls being girls” refers to girls ripping at each others’ facemasks and cleat-stomping one another during an bench-clearing brawl.

It took place during a Women’s Football Alliance game between the Boston Militia and the D.C. Divas in Somerville.  The teams had already met a few times during the regular season, and tensions between the bitter rivals appeared to come to a boiling point during their latest meeting, as Militia defensive back Jennifer Powell had her helmet ripped off and was attacked by several of the Diva players along the sideline before players from both teams gathered and began exchanging blows.

Reports indicate that Powell plans on pressing charges against the Divas players that attacked her, and if that does turn out to be the case, you can expect to see the following video used as a key piece of evidence in the courtroom.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [NESN]

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