Ozzie Guillen’s Uncensored And Unscripted Encounter With Heath Bell On “The Franchise” (Video)

ozzie guillen on showtime's the franchiseWhen Jim Boutin‘s Ball Four came out in 1970, his insider’s account of what goes on behind closed doors in pro baseball made him enemy #1 in Major League Baseball. They called the guy a traitor for breaking the game’s most sacred unspoken rule (what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse), and the guy was ostracized for years.

The fans? That was a different story. They loved the book and it became a classic of the genre.

Most importantly, Ball Four opened the flood gates. Pretty soon, all kinds of players from every pro sport were writing memoirs and tell-alls, trying to cash in on the public’s thirst to know what goes on behind the scenes. And today, of course, this no-more-secrets ethos lives on in the bevy of new documentary television series that follow teams around to get the inside scoop like never before.

First there was the NFL’s Hard Knocks, where we got an inside look at the expletive-filled speeches that coaches like Rex Ryan feed their players while preparing them for another grueling NFL season. Then there was HBO’s 24/7 series, which debuted in 2010 and followed the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals for half a season in the lead-up to their meeting in the 2011 Winter Classic.

Now it’s Showtime’s The Franchise, which debuted in 2011 and followed the defending World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants, around for the whole season.

This season The Franchise is following the newly re-born Miami Marlins. And in anticipation of the upcoming season, Showtime has released a really juicy preview that shows a candid meeting between Marlins closer Heath Bell and manager Ozzie Guillen.

Yeah, that’s right: Ozzie Guillen. The guy who told the Miami media that he didn’t think Fidel Castro was such a bad guy. The Miami media. So you can imagine his candor in a private meeting in his own office.

Check it out:

Who needs to read Ball Four when Ozzie Guillen is on Showtime?

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