9 Tragic Tour de France Deaths

fabio casartelli memorial tour de france deaths

Cycling is not a particularly popular pro sport here in North America. Outside the Tour de France, the sport isn’t followed very closely by the media or fans, and even then the only names we know are the guys who win or get caught doping. Hell, not even Lance Armstrong and his 7 consecutive Tour wins could change this. (Go ahead. Name two of Lance Armstrong’s main rivals. Hell, I’ll spot you Jan Ullrich.)

Anyway, the point here is that there is a lot people still don’t know about the sport. But today we’re taking one tiny step toward changing this fact by proving one thing: pro cycling is actually an extremely dangerous sport—and not just for the athletes, but for fans as well. At least every couple of years there is a prominent death at a major cycling event, and the Tour de France is no exception.

So here, for your sporting knowledge, is a list of 9 tragic Tour de France deaths. They aren’t the only fatalities in the history of cycling’s most prestigious event, but they are the most notable.


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