Dude Gets Manhandled By Cop At Winder Barrow Speedway (Video)

winder barrow speedway fightIt was a bright, sunny day in Winder, Georgia yesterday.  For some, that meant taking the kids to the Winder Barrow Speedway to catch some rays and enjoy some street stock racing.  For others, it meant attending that same racetrack to engage in some good ol’ fashion brawling.

Proof of the latter can be found in the following video, which features two elderly males going at one another (because one of them spit in the face of the other, according to the YouTube description) before a couple of Barrow County police officers intervene and put an end to the fighting.

As for the winner of this bout, I’m going to give it to the officer in the hat, whose textbook WWE-style suplex was almost single-handedly responsible for ending this dispute.

Check it out.

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